Sicilian pilgrim routes video at Expo

Sicilian pilgrim routes video at Expo
30 luglio 2015

The Mediterranean Itineraries cultural association will present a video titled Paths and Animal Routes: in the Footsteps of Pilgrims and Knights through the Mountains, along the Palermo-Messina Tract of the Via Francigena will be presented Wednesday at Expo.

The video documents the pathways knights and pilgrims took centuries ago on their way to the holy places of monotheistic religions, with a focus on some of the stops along the way: Santa Cristina La Vetere and San Cataldo churches and Santa Cristina d’Alessandria oratory in Palermo; the Commenda dei Cavalieri di Malta in the Madonie mountains; the Casa del Pittore (used as lodgings for pilgrims) in Polizzi Generosa and the Norman church of San Teodoro in Petralia Soprana, as well as the Santuario dello Spirito Santo in Gangi. The journey ends in the heart of Sicily, where crusading knights met in the Middle Ages on their way to Jerusalem.

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