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The secret lives of the Mafia hunters

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The Mafia has been part of Sicilian life for generations, and so has the battle by police to arrest its leaders. The elite unit that goes after them is called the Catturandi, which means "the catchers" - one of its officers told Max Paradiso about the shadowy world in which he works, and how he kept his job hidden from his girlfriend until she recognised his bottom on TV. The only time you are likely to see a member of the Catturandi is when they arrest a mafioso. They are the men "without a name and without a face" - when they carry out operations they wear balaclavas to ensure they can't be identified. "We prefer to be called 'The Band of Lions' because that's what we are: wild, free, and ready to attack at any given time in this jungle," says IMD. There are fewer than 20 of them, and ...