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Messina, seized mafia assets assigned to Arcigay

Properties confiscated from the mafia are to be assigned to the gay rights association Arcigay for the first time ever, it emerged on Thursday.
Two properties in the Sicilian port city of Messina will be entrusted to the local chapter of the organisation Makwan for the creation of a social ’emergency first aid’ centre and a reception centre for LGBT people in difficulty. “It is the first time that assets seized from the mafia have been assigned to Arcigay,” said national secretary Gabriele Piazzoni. “The news testifies to an important cultural process that has been changing the face of Sicily for several years: redemption from the stereotypes and prejudice of which this land is a victim,” he continued.
“It has been the driving force of a genteel social and cultural revolution, enacted by many people throughout the island,” Piazzoni said.

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