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Pipeline route technical assessment to be carried out between Malta and Sicily

The Maltese Government has obtained EU funding for a gas pipeline route technical assessment between Malta and Sicily.

An application for funds was submitted at the end of April of this year under the first Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) call for energy proposals of 2015. The main objective is to determine the optimal 1.2km wide route corridor and terminal points in Gela and at Delimara including a conceptual design of the infrastructure and the preparation of the necessary documentation so that the permit granting procedures both in Malta and Italy can commence.

This funding will contribute to end Malta’s gas isolation and will allow interconnection of Malta to the European gas network which shall have positive results on Malta in terms of security of supply, market integration and sustainability. The Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (SEWCU) within the Ministry for Energy and Health was responsible for preparing and submitting the application.

Minister Konrad Mizzi thanked all concerned for their work in securing the funding.

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