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Sicilian province of Trapani spotlighted. Culture, history and tastings at the Biomed Cluster

The Sicilian territories of Trapani, Erice, Valderice, Custonaci and San Vito lo Capo will be in the Milan Expo spotlight once more thanks to the Coastal Action Group (GAC).

“Towers and traps of the coast of Trapani” promised a program rich with meetings, talk shows and tastings at the BioMediterranean Cluster this week.

From Tuesday through October 31, famous spokespeople – among them Laura Ravaioli, Isabella Carloni, Federico Quaranta, Antonino Zichichi and Vanessa Galipoli – together with various exponents of Trapanese territory, will participate in a talk and tasting show on “taste itineraries”, a project promoting tourism that foresees itineraries linked to recipes and local gastronomy, with particular reference to fish-based preparations.

Five days of festivities will mix cuisine, history and culture in stories, demonstrations and tastings. Each day three dishes tied to the territories will be offered, creating a perfect culinary journey of tradition and innovation, prepared by young, local chefs.

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