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Agriculture jobs rise in southern Italy. Sicilian entrepreneurs in Milan with organization

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Agriculture jobs have risen the most in southern Italy this year, farmers association Coldiretti announced on Tuesday. A record 11% increase was seen in contracted workers in 2015 - a percentage that rises to 31% if only female employment in the sector is considered. The analysis was made on the basis of national statistics institute ISTAT data on the second quarter of the year, presented during the Italian Agriculture Day at Expo Milano 2015 with the participation of hundreds of Sicilian farmers. ''Overall,'' Coldiretti said, ''contracted workers in Italian fields rose by 5% on the same period last year, five times the Italian average. Driving the growth was the result achieved in the southern regions, which rose by 11%, as well as an increase in female workers in the fields - with a 10%...

New jobs on the rise after labour reform. Poletti says gains in permanent positions good news

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New statistics suggesting an increase in the number of permanent work contracts last month were greeted Monday as "good news" by Labour Minister Giuliano Poletti. The statistics from his labour department showed a net increase of 48,000 new permanent contracts last month over March. Poletti said that was setting an important trend. "The objective that the government has set is to make it so that the permanent contract is once again the norm," in employment, he said. "If things continue to go in this direction, we are very happy," he added. Officials attributed the rise to the government's controversial Jobs Act labour reforms. The reforms make it easier for employers to fire newly hired workers and introduces a new form of labour contract with gradually increasing levels of protection. The...

Fight the mob with jobs says Renzi. Premier pledges to make 'Land of Fires' obsolete

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The State must fight Campania's Camorra mafia "hand-to-hand, by creating jobs," Premier Matteo Renzi said on a campaign visit to the southern Italian region Friday. The expression 'Land of Fires' - a reference to illegal toxic waste dumps by the Camorra in the Campania region - must become obsolete by the end of his term in office, the premier said. "We must make a commitment," said Renzi, who is in Campania to support the Democratic Party (PD) candidate for governor, Vincenzo De Luca. "By the end of this legislature the expression 'Land of Fires' must be a thing of the past". Renzi added he is proud to have ushered in Italy's new environmental protection law, which adds new pollution and environmental disaster-related crimes to the penal code. "This government won't be lectured about lega...