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Fight the mob with jobs says Renzi. Premier pledges to make 'Land of Fires' obsolete

Last updated on 6 marzo 2021

The State must fight Campania’s Camorra mafia “hand-to-hand, by creating jobs,” Premier Matteo Renzi said on a campaign visit to the southern Italian region Friday. The expression ‘Land of Fires’ – a reference to illegal toxic waste dumps by the Camorra in the Campania region – must become obsolete by the end of his term in office, the premier said.
“We must make a commitment,” said Renzi, who is in Campania to support the Democratic Party (PD) candidate for governor, Vincenzo De Luca.
“By the end of this legislature the expression ‘Land of Fires’ must be a thing of the past”. Renzi added he is proud to have ushered in Italy’s new environmental protection law, which adds new pollution and environmental disaster-related crimes to the penal code. “This government won’t be lectured about legality by anyone,” the premier continued. “Our anti-corruption law (ratified on Thursday) reintroduces the crime of false accounting, which others had abolished”.

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