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Mafia chauffeur who became a supergrass dares to return home to Sicily – without police protection

A mobster-turned-state witness has returned to Sicily despite being denied police protection and is calling for a revolution in witness-protection programmes which would allow collaborators to go home rather than live in exile. Stefano Lo Verso, the former chauffeur for the notorious boss of bosses Bernardo Provenzano, has described himself as a “dead man walking” but insists he will continue cycling around his home town of Ficarazzi, near Palermo. His defiance follows a decision by the interior ministry last month to deny him armed protection while he remains in Sicily after he co-operated with prosecutors, shedding light on crimes from extortion rackets to murder after completing a five-year prison sentence for Mob-related crimes. “Better to die a turncoat than a Mafioso,” he said. “I w...