Vertical Farm at Milan Expo 2015. Italy's ENEA to present high-tech green project

Italy’s National Technology, Energy and Environment Agency ENEA will bring high-tech green to the Milan Expo 2015 with the first Italian “vertical farm”, the agency announced on Thursday.
According to ENEA, the vertical greenhouse prototype will demonstrate cultivation and production innovations by “soil and pesticide resetting, optimum water utilization, green, efficient energy from renewable sources, but also the transformation of waste into resources”.
ENEA is also bringing a replete high tech program to the EXPO that includes innovative sensors to detect contamination, water-grown, soil-free, no pollution plants, and technologies for traceability of food, ecological packing and bio-pharmaceuticals, as well a projects for arid land cultivation in Africa.
“Our slogan for the Expo is to provide Italian companies innovative technologies and advanced services to enhance the competitiveness of increasingly sustainable agribusinesses, with the optimization of resources water, soil and energy”, ENEA Commissioner Federico Testa said.
The Veritcal Farm will in the Expo’s Future Food District.