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France-Pantelleria 'twin up'with Bouquet. Symbolic toast on the terrace of the French pavilion

Last updated on 6 marzo 2021

France and Pantelleria have ‘twinned’ for the Expo, with a focus on wine and the French actress Carole Bouquet. For 20 years Bouquet has had a home on Pantelleria and for the past 15 she has been producing grapes on her property.

”Eight hectares are for the vineyard and 10 for olive trees,” she noted, calling the wine a ”delicacy”. On the terrace of the French pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015, Bouquet toasted Sicily, its beauty and its wine in the name of Pantelleria. The toast was taken part in by Pantelleria mayor Salvatore Gabriele and the Sicily region head of the Bio-Mediterranean cluster, Dario Cartabellotta.

”Sicily is a spectacle in itself. It leaves you breathless,” the actress said. ”But more should be done. Why isn’t there a direct Paris-Palermo flight yet?” Gabriele and Cartabellotta echoed each other in saying that ”there were a few problems at the start to the Expo, but we are getting over them. We are certain it will be a success and a large opportunity for all.” The inauguration of ‘Piazzetta Sicilia’ and the Sicily region area inside the Italian pavilion will be inaugurated in the presence of councilor Linda Vancheri.

Bouquet will be guest of honor.

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