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M5S-funded Sicilian bypass road opened. 300,000 euros provided by M5S regional deputies

A bypass financed by Italy’s 5-Star Movement (M5S) is set to open to traffic on Saturday to provide a workaround after a viaduct collapsed on the A19 road between Palermo and Catania in April, effectively splitting Sicily in half. The bypass is a 300-metre-long road that has been renovated and made safe thanks to 300,000 euros of financing provided by M5S regional deputies, who put aside part of their salaries. A ceremony to mark the inauguration of the road took place on Friday morning and it will be open for traffic from Saturday, August 1. “This road is a sign of the times- we wanted to show that we are political force that wants to gain credibility among the people,” said Giancarlo Cancelleri from M5S at Friday’s inauguration ceremony. A column supporting the highway gave way in April following a landslide, cutting one of the island’s main transport connections. Repairs to the affected stretch are expected to take months or years.

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