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Renzi says EU migrant plan insufficient

The European Union’s plan to address the Mediterranean migrant crisis and settlement of asylum seekers is “insufficient”, Premier Matteo Renzi warned Monday even as he faced a parallel controversy surrounding relocating newcomers within Italy.
“We have to acknowledge that the current situation is not
working,” Renzi told a press conference at the end of the G7
summit where migrant issues, climate change, and the economy were on the agenda.
“We’ve given ourselves a deadline of the European
Council (summit of June 25-26) and we’ll try to bring home some
The European Commission has met with strong resistance to its plan to resettle about 40,000 migrants who have arrived so far this year, mostly in Italy and Greece.
The EC would require member countries to accept migrants in proportion to such measurements as employment rates and national wealth.
Germany and France have joined forces to say the EC proposals are unacceptable, while other European countries are also opposed.

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