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Food bank collects 12 tons of food

Italian Food Bank Network Banco Alimentare has collected 12 tons of surplus food at Expo in its first three months, said Food Bank Network Director General Marco Lucchini.

“There was an excellent information campaign directed at the restaurateurs and at the moment we have 140 food collection points, from pavilions to restaurants to coffee bars,” Lucchini said.

“Among those, in 15 we go to pick up food every evening, while in the others we go more occasionally, when they need,” Lucchini said.

“Twelve tons of surplus, considering all the food that’s circulating at Expo, is nothing,” he said.

“But that’s great, it means there’s good management”.

Lucchini said the recovered food has been distributed in various points throughout Milan and surrounding areas to assist the most needy as well as, given the current immigration crisis, those who work with refugees.

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