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Montante bicycles in exposition at Selfridges, the fabulous location in Oxford Street, London

From last week, the beautiful Montante bicycles have been in exposition at Selfridges, the fabulous location in Oxford Street, the heart of London, the temple of fashion, design and innovation. From April 20th to October 20th 2015, all the two-wheels lovers can find our creations at the Velorution space at Lower Ground of Selfridges, where they can buy the Luxury Golden Collection model, the Montante for Maserati, and the Fashion Milano Lady. The store also provides all the information about how to order a personalized Montante bicycle.
We have chosen these three models to represent best the three souls of the Montante collection. The old style soul, enriched with precious finishings – such as the frame with conjunctions and the quality details- is embodied by the Fashion Milano Lady. The wanton luxury is revealed by the Luxury Golden, a bike with more of 11’000 Swarovski crystals and the 24kt golden leaf used to dress the frame. Another precious material is the stem bent birch, used to build the rims and other components; such as the front and rear mudguards, covered by elm lacquered leaves. Handcrafted by very expert Italian artisans, this bike also employs as a raw material the Brazilian ball-python leather, to cover the saddle, the handlebar, the
bike pump and the chain with the padlock.
Then, the Montante for Maserati model represents the sporting and sophisticated soul of Montante: a limited-edition bicycle created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis, when the Maserati 8CTF number 1 driven by Wilbur Shaw won the race. This model has been produced in only 200 pieces, numbered one by one, to remind the circuit laps of the 500 Miles won by Maserati in 1940. The bicycle has all the fine features that contribute to homage the 8CTF, one of the most famous single-seater car in the world.
Nevertheless, Montante Cicli is more. With an ongoing evolving collection, aimed to reach the customers’ tastes, it is a brand able to satisfy every requirements and to remain steady in time.
Its passion for the two wheels, its peerless details and the love for the Made in Italy and craftsmanship make every Montante creation and authentic piece of art.
For House Montante, the exposition at the famous Selfridges location will be as well the occasion to present to the world its new range of accessories: bags, headscarves, ties, umbrellas, belts! Every article is 100% Made in Italy and has the unique Montante style features: preciousness of materials, handcrafted details, maniacal care of the production and innovation.

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