Mafia fight 'alternating'. Tension eased towards 'normalisation' says Senate Speaker Grasso

Governments have only tackled the mafia “in alternating phases,” Senate Speaker Pietro Grasso told the National AntiMafia Authority Friday. “Many laws only came after a wave of massacres and arrest, in the wake of grievous loss and scandals,” said Grasso, a former national anti-mafia prosecutor. “Tension then eased and everything returned towards normalisation”, he said at Bagno a Ripoli near Florence.
Grasso also called on national anti-mafia prosecutors to be less tempted to try to claim the media glare.
“In order to overcome decay, to free politics and administrations from graft, we need a credible and transparent leadership class, but also an anti-mafia (apparatus) that can look inside and abandon sensationalism, protagonism, the pretended primacy of each actor, as well as a rush to get public and private funding”.

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